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Welcome to Shin Bu Kan Kendo Club! 29-05-2022

The club

The Shin Bu Kan Kendo Club was founded in 1975 by Anton Kemmerling and Jan Snakenborg. The club is associated with the Dutch Kendo Renmei (the umbrella organization, ( Dojo chief instructor and sensei Willem Riesenkamp is a 5th Dan, as is Andreas Kroeze sensei. Kroeze was a member of the Dutch national kendo team for a few years. Martin v Dijk (5th Dan) started in Groningen and is now one of the sensei in Meppel.

Deputy dojo leader is Farley Fukur, 4th Dan in kendo, 3rd Dan in iaido and jodo.

One of our members is now in the Dutch ladies team and 4th Dan, she moved to Rotterdam

In addition, there are six students with the 3rd Dan, four with the 2nd Dan and five are 1st Dan. About 10 students have a kyugrade or are without a degree.

Most important is the desire to develop yourself by practising kendo.
Our club’s motto:
“Slow progress is not a disgrace. But it is a shame to come to a halt.”

If you are a member of another club, in the Netherlands or abroad, we cordially invite you to practise with us. However, we don’t do private lessons.

There are several nationalities in our club, so feel welcome!

ConnectionsWe have tight connections with kendo clubs Suirankan in Meppel, Seikenjuku in Oldenburg and Noru-ken in Dietzenbach, near Frankfurt.

ContactsChief instructor:
Willem Riesenkamp
Telephone: 050-3130684

Wim Horenberg

Practice schedule:You can visit us:
Monday 8.30 pm – 10pm:
Thursday 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Saturday morning 10.30am – 12am

Dojo location:We practice in the Alfa college
Kardingerweg 48.

9735 AH Groningen